You are

Asking me “Did you have noticed it?”. I’m lookin at you, in your eyes so sweet. My heart is beating strong, and you know what is my answer. When the tangle in my stomach has began and the eletric shock has acrossed our minds, i knew something was about to happen, and it was been so.
When i seen it, there black on white, my heart is jumped in throat, and you know i couldn’t hold back some tears.
And now my tangle is becoming bigger, and i can feel your closiness always closer than before. I can feel your hands are wrapping me my belly, and our breathes are merging one in another. You are staring the Runes here in front of me and in a whisper you say me:”There, inside, there is our destiny together”. 
My head is spinning, while your hands are tightening me stronger. 
Your glance is languid as my soul, when it touching by your.
My fingers are starting to shaking and our minds are get connect. Our eletric shocks are communicating. 
When our connection is strong, i can’t swallow, something is chock me from inside, and in someway, i know that’s you. 
Our connection is in slow  communication, by now, from many days.
And, for sure, I did have noticed it, i must throw away the air from lungs for to don’t go crazy, but it’s impossibile, when our connection is tangibile in the air, and i can close the eyes and see you here next to me, when i feel your arms are enveloping my belly and my fingers shaking on this keyboard.
Our Parallel World, slowly is raising itself around us, and inside of it, we can make explode our emotions. 
Your fingers are touching my face, and mine are reaching your tiny neo, where it contains the most beautiful part of your soul.
Let’s remain so, listening to our hearts beating at unison.


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