“We didn’t know” – ~12~

Where that research would have taken us, but i was resolute to go on.
We didn’t have say nothing, but we could hear our hearts were beating like two pneumatic hammers, and we had know what was the only thing that was buzzing in our minds.
At the end, we stared the Runes still on the table, we had sighed at the same time.
I inhaled new air making it enter in my lungs, then i threw it away. 
You have looked at me, then delicately you have taken my hand, and in a whisper, you have said me:”Let’s go…”
Taken, the decision to go, something, slowly, it was blocking us, and we had know what was.
We were in front of the grey door, and it was like if we had to jump inside a black hole, inside a unknown spiral. 
We looked at us for an endless minute, and at the end we threw.
It was a sunny day, and walking with you by my side, hand in hand, it reminded me much those few times, in the village, we had walked together among the buzzing and the screaming of the citiziens, who looked for to sell you their own products, in Main Street.
Slowly we had acrossed also the bar, and we had seen inside Philip who was busy in a phone call, but he noticed us, and he has saluted us, behind the counter.
Seeing him, i threw away again the air from the lungs. 
I didn’t ever have exceeded, the bar limits, and now i was going beyond. 
It seemed to across the limits of the world that i always known, but i was doing it with you, and this gave me more confidence. 
It seemed to enter in another place, another little world, and fortunatley the library was just, beyond a circular white little circular fountain. 
There the buzz of the people was more noisy, we were looked us around a bit lost, but we had know where to go.
Even the library, was an all white little building, with few stairs.
The facade, traced an greek monument. We got up the stairs, and for a second we had wait for before enter. 
The facade was in contrast with interior, as much it was dark inside, and it was reigning a spectral silence. Just inside of the library, we were making us the same question:”Would we have done well to enter?” We were looking at us, and we were about to leave, but a lady has welcoming us in a whisper. She was a in red dress and black shoes, and gently she asked us in what she could help us. I have tighted more the hand that i held in mine, and i threw away a little air from the lungs and in a dry stroke i asked her:”Do you have some manuscripts of mediaval story?”, because i was sure, it was that one the period, in which we were landed.
The lady in red, remained a bit thoughtful, but then her face illuminating. It seemed, she had done a rapid glimpse to all the books in her mind, and she had pulled out the book that we had requested.
“Come us with me” and we  followed her, along an aisle, just illuminated by big windows, and she accompanied us toward the only door we had in front.
Se was talking us, but, sincerely, we didn’t have listened to any words she has said. The only words we had heardt, were been:”Please be careful with those pages. You can stay how much time you desire. The book is on that big table in front of you.
if you have need my help, please push that little button next to the door.”
While she was leaving the room, she was focusing herself on us. It seemed, she had recognized something familiar on our faces, but she seemed also, confused. 
I thanked her, and you have closed the door.
I was in front of that book, holding back the breathe. 
When you came next to me, i have had the need to tight your hand stronger than i could.
Our hearts were going crazy. 
I have started to leafing it with all the delicate possible, then:”Luke…!” i remained breathless and i have indicated you the begin of a paragraph.
I had to sit myself on the stool in front of the big table.”


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