This sensation

Is continuing to wrapping me, and our slow eletric shock are in movements. 
A sort of joy is born inside me and that tangle is get bigger and bigger, maybe im going crazy, but i’m sure i’m not. I’m sure it’s because our slow connection
I’m sure you are feeling the same, and this continuous and slow connection with you pushes me to write, even the most stupid thing that become even the most important.
I feeling that you are smiling to me, despite you’re sleeping in this instant (i know it), and i sure you are feeling the same tangle in your stomach, and you are feeling my arms that holding your around my belly.
This is our magical connection, born from a dream i’ve done, by now four years ago, and it lasting still now, and each day it passing, is growing always more, it bring us for real, in Our Parallel World. 
A World, that i belived it was a fantasy world, but instead it revealing itself a real world between our minds. 
Tell me that you are feeling the same i’m feeling, and that one i’m feeling it’s fantastic. 
Our connection.


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