“When we arrived” – ~11~

In your apartament, you have wanted to sit on the sofa for a bit. You wanted look at the girl you had in front and let come out that strenght that little body had, despite all the scars and the wounds, she had inside. 
You had a girl in front of you who wanted to fight for everything she believed in.
“Come to me” you said me, while you was stretching me the hand, while i sat down close to you. 
The next day we would go in that library to find something about the dancing souls. 
On the little table in front, there were papers and pencils scattered everywhere.
Embraced, we were looking at them, also if in reality, we weren’t see anything. We were looking at an imaginary scenario of what it would be happen the day after.
Slowly, among your arms, and envelope by your breathe, i fallen asleep. 
You have realized of that, because my hand didn’t was caressing your chest no more.
With all sweetness, you have taken me, and you have brought me upstairs, laying me on the bed, like a petal of rose, you have lifted the bedsheets on my shoulders. 
You putted by my side, and you had still continued to stare at me, caressing me sweetly, and suddenly i have look for shelter in your chest, and you was dazed, you held back the breathe, and delicately, you have embraced me, tight, whispering my name.
In your arms, you had the stronger, but at the same moment the most fragile creature of world, and in your head, everything was spinning so fast.
In few instants you have relived what we had lived together. And in few hour, we have would discover if all that it was real, or something  it was unleashed only in our heads.
Would we have discovered something, for real or not? 
With this question slowly, even you fallen asleep, looking at me in your arms.
When  i awakening myself, you was still embraced me, and i remained in silence to listen to your heart and  make me craddling by your breathe. But even you, after a bit, you have open the eyes, and without say nothing, we smiled us and we were touched us the faces. 
We didn’t want break away that tiny atmosphere that our glances had created, but delicately you have started to caress me in everywhere. 
Our breathes were merging one in another, and after a sweetest kiss, you have asked me:”Are you ready, whatever we will discover today?”
I held back the breathe and then i threw away it from the lungs, and after a long minute in suspension, i nodded you.
And as a knight with her princess, you taken me among your arms.
We went down.”


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