My tangle is starting

And you are coming in this bedroom, inside my mind giving me the strenght i need.
You embracing me, rembembering the words that i wrote last night. I sigh and hold back the breathe. My fingers are shaking on this keyboard. 
I can’t able to swallow. Everything is choking me and it bring me back to those few lines in which, you have describe me perfectly, without not even  you know me. Or in someways you do, and in those few lines, you have wanted let me know it. You know every my wound and my scars, and uncosciously i wanted repeat them in my story.
In someways, we giving us the strenght we need.
I need you, as you need me, even unconsciously.
Our closiness is also this, and our little eletric shocks are, also this our need to feel us close.
Wherever we are, in these little words i write, we can feel us one close another and our closiness is stronger than ever.
I’m knowing also, your shyness and i love this your personality side
Without realizing, you let me know that you are by my side, and when i perceive it, my hearts going crazy, and in someway, our electric shocks increase.
Delicately, now you are embracing me sweetly my belly, and i can feel your breathe that is wrapping me and it bring me in Our Parallel World.
Let’s remain there, enveloping by our love.
Wrap me by your deep voice, tell me something about my life that i still don’t know.


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