“You have lifted” – ~10~

Your glance toward me and you have said me:”Do you have decide to elaborate on?”. Our gaze met and for a second i remained in silence, then i’ve tighted more the hand i had in mine, and throwing away the air from the lungs, i just nodded.
We had to only understand where it was the library of that little city.
You in front of me, was looking at me. I was calling Philip to ask that information.
Philip ran toward us in a hurry, with his fat belly and his white cotton greasy apron and with his good mood: “What can i do for you?” he asked.  At my demand his face was become questioning. Even him didnt himself come out much from that quartier, and i believe, that he never entered in a library. However, with all gentilness he asked it to Barb, who was serving a couple of clients at the counter, and she has given us all the informations that we had need.
Without ask, i replied to Philip:”Did you seemed that we didn’t have seeing us from long time… in someway, it is so Philip…” and without add other, he smiled me and he looked at you and he went away.
“Philip is one of the very few people i trust in. I could tell him everything what it has happened us and he would believe without problems. He left me enter in his life as a second chance to have a  second daughter…. ” i left that words suspended while i was looking at him, who surrounding between the tables of the other clients.  You was staring me, as if i was telling you a fairytale. At the end our eyes were meeting again. I sighed smiling you. 
“You are fantastic…” has been your whisper, while you wasn’t take off your gaze from me, while our fingers were touching delicately. 
Almost uncosciously, i repeated the informations aloud, that Barb has given us, as if i wanted printed them in my mind. 
We would be go a bit outside from that quartier, but not too much. 
I’d liked to go the library, immediately and to discover something about our dancing souls. 
You have seen it in my eyes, now that we had all the informations, but you have seen, still my tireness, and in a deep  whisper you have said me:”Stop yourself… Now, we know where to go, but now we need to rest”. I held back the breathe, and for a moment i looked at you, then i relaxed myself, leaning my back on the backrest of that circular bench. 
“You have right, we need to rest, the library can wait.”
Sweetly you have smiled me, and you spinned to look for Philip to know how much we had to pay.  We had eated everything and we hadn’t left anything in the dishes.
Philip, immediately, understood, what we wanted to do, but came to us, saying us with big gestures “No!”. He arrived, putting his hand on my shoulder, and he said us:”Nothing to do, guys, i offer tonight!”, but you have wanted  insisted. “You will pay me back, with everything you will discover in the library.” He said you.
I left your hands, and i taken the hand of Philip, and i looked at him.
“I promise it you”
You was seeing that scene, with the heart that was exploding inside you.
Then Philip has looked at you saying:”She is special… Treat her well” giving you a pat on the shoulder.
After that, we remained alone. The words of Philip still were resounding around us.
We stared us in silence for a bit. Then you got up, have taken my hand, and, as if we were inside a soft cloud, we have left the bar. 
Our hearts were beating strong at unison.”



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