I’ve tried

To resist, but when our connection is around, my tangle in the stomach chocking me from inside and my mind come to you. 
Suddenly i can feel also, the perfume of that leather jacket, and i ask myself if am a fool or not. Somebody can confirm that, but i don’t care.
I close the eyes and slowly i feel you are coming to me and, from behind, you are start to whisper me words that make me drive crazy. 
Delicately i feel your arms enveloping me and our little eletric shocks surround us. 
You spin me, and our smiles merging one in another. Your arms are tighterning me so strong, and they leave me without breath. I caressing your face, sweetly you let me slide the hand inside your shirt and your heart is beating strong. 
We stare at us, and gently our faces touching. Eyes in eyes, and slowly our lips are touching. And after all we are so far one from another. 
Me in my bedroom and you in another hotel room, but we can feel us closer that this is so magical.
We can feel our hearts beating at unison, and everything around us, making us feel extremely one next by the other. I close the eyes and can feel the rustle of your shirt while you moving in the bed. I would like to lay myself close to you and to caress you, while our hearts beats at unison, one far another.


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