“When finally” – ~9~

We have could bite something different from the mutton of the tavern, we have sighed and we have taste the little portions of pasta with much taste, and i knew that Philip was happy for that. I could see his little smile when he went away, and that one evenining he would treated us like two very important clients.
It seemed, he had understood that something important was happened in our lives. 
That travel in the past had overwhelmed us from inside, and  we were still assimilating it slowly. 
Silently, we eating the gluttonies of Phillip, but more we were ending the meals, more one thing it was jumping in our head: trying to understand something more about our dancing souls: if, they were existed for real or what we had lived, it has been an alterate menthal state.
Everything it could be possibile and everything we had lived, it was real, and it meant, that for real we had have made that travel in the past.
In a sigh i said:”I should ask it to Philip. I didn’t ever moved myself, from this quartier”
You was looking at me stunned for what you was seeing, and i continued:”We should to try to look for some tracks of them…” -“Of us…” you have, delicately, whisper, ad when you have pronounced those two words, i had a thrill along my back.
“If it was so…” and i didn’t have finished the phrase, in  prey of a sort of panic, and you have finished it for both:”If it was so, we were destined to be together from long time…” and delicately you have taken my hand, and you have continued:”I never met a girl like you, before. You are extraordinary. In the past you was a witch. I have learnt to love her, and now i looking at you, and what i seeing is a girl, a woman, who want elaborate on everything this. Nobody wouldn’t make it, instead you, yes. The others would have had fear to go on to discover something that they have wouldn’t understand.”. 
Your words were floating around us, and they has stop my heart a couple of time, making me chocking in my breath. I had to cover my mouth for don’t make me escape the emotions that were scrambling me inside. They were words full of delicateness, and magical sensibility, and i was looking at you so, making me dazing by those words that any man, i have met before, didn’t have ever said me. And more i was looking at you in silence, overwhelmed by the emotions, more i seeing in you that guy, that man who have would be next to me in this life and wherever the universe would have taken us.
Slowly and gently, i stretched my hand toward your, and our fingers crossing.
In that instant, it seemed be returned back in time, when  for the first time our hands touched, and our hearts are exploded at the same time, during in that involutary touch, but now our hands were firmly one in another. 
We were, one the anchor of the other.”



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