I can feel

Your sweet arms enveloping me. Sweetly as you only can do, and your whispers are wrapping me, entering inside me, like a silky caress. 
You have a secret to say me: like in that dream i done four years ago. 
Maybe i know what you want to talk about, and that’s no need to make fly any words in the air. We know what it’s about. 
I feel your arms are tightening me so strong, and i hold back the breathe and together, we are throwing away the air from the lungs. 
Our connection is becoming each day, stronger and the eletric shocks are the witness of that what is happening among us. 
Since when it’s has begun the magic among us, were  happened many beautiful things. Tiny signals, but that in Our Parallel World, were become great, and each emotions, we had felt, has formated this our world, in which anybody can’t enter. 
It’s Our World with  our magic, our hearts that delicatly merging one with another, but above with  your embraces and our minds that get connect trought our electric shocks.
This is what we can feel in these instants, despite our real distance. 
We can feel Our Parallel World surrounding us, and we can take the flight., hand in hand.
My head is about to explode and i can feel even your is about to. 
Our feelings are surrounding us delicately, and everything you wanted say me is here, in front of us. 
We can only throwing away the air from the lungs and admire our feelings around us.


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