“Where” -~8~

Would have taken us? We were asking ourselves. Not even us didn’t knew it, but surely it would be taken us very far. 
Now we were staring us in silence. But in that silence there were a lot of questions.
You was looking at me, as if you didn’t want to loose each shade of me. And i left you to do it, but sometime, your gaze was so profound that, in someway, you was able to read that tiny part of me, still hid, while around us everything was floating. 
It, also, our gazes. 
Each time, you was launching me your penetrating glance, seemed that in the universe, two worlds crashing, and we could feel it
It seemed be part a plan bigger than us, and we could only to attend it, even without talk.
Also without to don’t know what to say, we knew that the emotions that flowing in us, were always the same: big, wonderful and stuns and in the background, we stilll could hear the two worlds crashing.
At the end i was the first to talk:”Everything is so crazy! It was destiny that we would be meeting, in the past or in the present, and what has happened in this bar, then the dancing souls among the flames of that candles, then the travel in the past, then this soft noise in the universe”, and i knew you could heard it too, and you have sighed also:”…the Runes…” – “Yes, the Runes, the most important part of everything this.
Slowly and together, we were putting together all the pieces of that big puzzle, that it was our life, and slowly we were understading where the universe would have taken us, but it was still soon to know in which place or in which other world.
While we were contemplating us, around us, the bar was itself filling by persons, to us unknown, but we were hid in that tiny part of the local where everything that was counting, we were us. 
We didn’t  have still touched food, from our travel of return, and our stomach were roaring, so i called Philip, who was sat on his iron stool behind the counter with a greasy journal leaned on his legs, and with a goofy jump, he came to us, and smiling he asked us:”What can i take you?” 
We have share a rapid gaze and you, to the end, have said:”Everything!”
Philip remained stunned, but i have stopped him. “He’s playing… My usual will be fine…”
You have smiled me and you have touching my hand. 
My usual, were little portions all kinds of pasta that Philip get preparing and a tray with little desserts, and when he has brought them he said us:”Guys, it seems that you have didn’t eat from long time!”  -“In someway it is so Phillip!” i said him laughing. The smell of mutton was still in our nostrils, and it was the only meal in that noisy tavern.
We were thinking at the same thing in that moment.”


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