Here you arrive, almost in silent.
But our eletric shocks delicately are moving across our minds and make us feel our connection is growing sweetly fast.
From the other day my tangle in the stomach is scrambling me much, and in someway, i know you are feeling it too.
Delicately you have enveloping my belly with your arms and sweetly you have waken me up. 
Your sweet touch on my bare skin, and you delicate breathe, has taken me in Our Parallel World.
Everything there is wonderful, and my emotions exploding. 
Something say me, your closer to, always more,and that  it shake me in my soul, are your hands that are wrapping me, and my mind isn’t going crazy.
Also, you have wrote about that four years in your life. It’s the exact period, since when it has began our connection. Is possible that you was talking about when has began that crazy thing among us? 
Is it possible that you are feeling the same thing what i’m feeling, just as soon, from four years. 
Is it possible that everything this, is it a real thing?
My heart is beating like a hammer and i can’t stop it.
I throwing away the air from the lungs, trying to don’t go crazy.
I close the eyes, trying to calm me, but isn’t possible, when i feel your embrace is sorrounding my belly, and your whispers are entering inside, making me spinning like a spinning top.
Are you feeling the same what i feel right now inside me?


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