“Slowly we” -~7~

Went out from that apartment that seemed had absorbed that magical atmosphere that we had brought from that travel in the past.
We has left it, as if we were leaving one part of us inside there. As if we doesn’t want leave it, for real, but it was a neccessary thing to do.
Slowly you have taken my hand and together, we directed us toward the bar.
In that path, each one of us was dived in their thoughts, but if we were concetrate ourselves, we were able to perceive everything that it went trough our minds. The latest Runes were chocking us from inside, and more we were reaching the bar, unconsciously our hands tightening themselves always more.
You stopped yourself for a moment in the middlle of the sidewalk, and you putted yourself in front of me, tightening my hips, while the others people walking and they didn’t see us, and pushing us, but we didn’t care.
In that tiny instants, among the buzz of the city, our hearts were the only  thing we have listening to, and you have whispered me something sweet and it flew entering in my soul, making me fallen a tear from the face. That whisper has made stopped the whole world around us, while we were the only two persons in the middle millions of emotions. 
You have caressed my face and delicately you have taken again my hand and we have started again to walk, while the buzz of the city was increasing again. 
When we arrived to the building of the bar, we have stare at the little alley, and our hearts has starting to beat a bit more. We have taken courage and we went ahead. I looked down blushing, and you have enveloped my hips, and at the end we entered.
Philip has seen me, and he came to us. He was still suprised to see us, together, and hand in hand, and now he didn’t want disturb us. He, only asked me “How are you, honey? It seems it was passed long time..” and it was so. “It seems that you has made the magic, Philip…” looking at you and then i smiled at him. Philip seemed himself blush. He seemed was about to say something, but you have gave him a pat on his shoulder and you have whispered him:”You had right, she has witched me” making him a wink, but then you have said in his ear “Thank you for everything”. Then slowly we reached my table at the bottom of the local. Philip, without have taken the orders, has brought us two iced glasses of beer, while we takening us again the hands, one in another.
We had wait for remain alone, for isolate us between the buzz of the bar, for dive ourselves in what which we wanted talk about. Everything what, we had go trought, till to the latest and everything has involded us, making us remain speechless, and the only things in which we could stay, were our hands, with the fingers crossed one in another.”


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“Where” -~8~⇒

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