I felt it

That something it would happen, and it has been so, i should be used to it, but each time it happens, something it chocking me inside and my tangle in my stomach become stronger, and our is connection is that thin thread that each time become always bigger, and you are able to scramble me, and i’m able to perceve it much before. Since it has begun our connection, everything has become crazy, and more everything is goinng ahead, more i asking :”How is it possible?” throwing away the air from the lungs.
I write my sensations, my emotions in this open diary and in someway, i know, occassionally, you takening a look. 
In these instants, my heart is beating like a crazy, and my mind are connecting with your. 
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard. 
Slowly you’re approaching to me and i can feel your arms surrounding my belly, and your whispers are enveloping me. 
I can’t hold back some emotions. I feeling your closiness closer that ever. 
That soft punch in my stomach is heavier than usual, and i have difficulties to swallow. Everything this is conducting me to you.
I stare at you and in someway, that gaze was for me. 
Why you choose yesterday?? 
Every my thought are tangling, and from far i can feel your sweet perfume.
My head is exploding. Our connection is stronger than usual.
Can you feel me? Because i feel you stronger than ever.


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