“You wanted me” – ~6~

To forget what i had faced up to. I needed just of your glance and all my pains were would disappeared, or they were a sad memories that would going away.
In that bedroom, everything was floating and it was flowing like a little river that, despite all difficulties, it flows and it goes straight for its street. And it was so you made me feel: ready to facing up to every difficulties that the life it have would put me in front.
You was there, you was staring at me, smiling at me, and i was diving in your eyes, and everything those thoughts in my minds that weren’t able to come out. 
And we had know, we had many things to say us, not only trought the eyes.
What i have said you, it has left you speechless. You was continuing to look at me, touching my legs, and more you was doing it, more our love making itself bigger and it was expanding around us and inside us.
We were, even, aware some of Runes of the dancing souls, were calling us. 
That little leather bag, was one of the few things, that has been to going throught the travel of return from the past, and it was calling us ardently. And they were your pink magic stones.
We could feel a force inside us, that sweetly, was chocking us. 
We threw away the air from the lungs and at the end, we both nodded. We had must to go down.
Without thinking about it, you have taken me among your arms, and i held back the breathe. In that gesture, i have seen, all your love, and i was diving in your eyes, for all the time of that short travel, to reach the sofa closer to the stairs. 
We have found the belt that i always wore in the past with attached the hard leather bag and inside the little leather bag with the Runes, leaned on the little table in front of the couch.
From that little bag, something was shaking. We had know, were them and they wanted come out. 
The Runes had marked our past lives, and now were marking, also our present lives.
As soon i have unfastened the laces, four runes has taken the flight, and delicately were leaned themselves among us: Nauthiz, Fehu,  Uruz and Ehwaz. Those Runes were uniting our lives always more.
Each one of us knew their meaning, and their meaning were one of the powerful among the Runes put together.
As, in a flashback, we had  have relived, in few seconds, everything we have lived in the past century, and every single minutes of the past life, it has taken us at this moment: where we have would seen another path that we have would make together.
We had to put together all these informations, and we had to go out, absolutely. 
But we remained there, still for a short time, in silence. 
Our eyes were the others four magic stones that we could stare at.
Everything it seemed us, so incredible, but it was happening really, and one of the tangible proof was in front of us, on that table.
After thrown away the air from the lungs, you have said me “Our bar?”
I just nodded.”


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