Slowly it begins

And i can feel you are coming to me, and delicately you are touch my shoulder.
I spin myself, biting my lips, blushing, because i know that’s you.
Sweetly you coming behind me, and with all your sweetness your embracing me.
Your arms are enveloping me, and they are starting to caressing my belly. 
For a long instant i remain firm at your mercy.
Slowly my soul starting to shake, and your hands arrives under my shirt.
Skin to skin, and softly you spin me. 
Our eyes meet, and our eletric shocks slowly begins to go through our minds, and gently we get connecting us.
If that one, i’ve seen last night, it was you, i can’t hold back my emotions and i can whisper you “Our Parallel World is closer than we can imagine”. 
And in meantime, i can feel your arms are tightening me stronger. My vise in the stomach make itself bigger, and our connection making feel us always closer.
Your arms around my belly and you tightening me strong against your chest.
The soft punch i feel, i know that’s you, and  everything you make me feel, it’s what i feel every moment of the day, and you are the only one able  make me feel it.
And our delicate connection is the little magic that we have.
And despite we still doesn’t know us, we does know much of both of us. 
Closing the eyes, i tight your arms around my belly.


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