“Without realizing” -~5~

We fallen asleep, tired of everything we had go trought. Happy to be returned in the modern days.
The city buzz was a background sound that. in someway, it was tranquilizing us.
We fallen asleep embraced and in silent, all that, it seemed us a dream. 
Our hearts were still beating fast and everything still floating around us. We could perceived it.
Sweetly you have tighted me between your arms, and for me it has been a dream became true.
During the night, our breathes were merging one in another and the bedroom was becoming a place more magical than it was already.
Even, our thoughts and dreams were merging one with another, and now, maybe, we were living the story, that we had always wished: from the dreams in common, from the sensations that we had felt, from the involuntary touch, to the travel in the past, living the lives of the dancing souls, to the return at nowadays, and from the very first time we have make love without any restrictions. And you had seen all my wounds, scars, without having fear of. 
Everything this, was running fast in our minds, while we were sleeping.
I have opened the eyes, still leaned on your chest. You was still sleeping. 
For a moment, i remained to stare at you, and my heart has jumped in throat. 
You tightening me strong, and involontarly, your fingers was caressing delicately one of my scars, as if you want delete all pain that i have had to face up to.
I stared at that tiny gesture you was making while you was sleeping, and i held back the breathe for then throw away, the air from the lungs.
Slowly, also you, have opened the eyes, and finally, sweetly, we smiled us.
You have kissed me, leaning, even you, on the backrest of the bed. 
There was a moment of silent, while you have looked at my legs, caressing them, with all the delicatness you had, as if you have fear to break them.
“How does it happened?” you asked me in a tender whisper.
I looked at you, holding back the breathe, then i taken your hand and our glances met.
I didn’t know from where start. You delicately, have tighted more the hand, crossing the fingers with mine.
Lost in the void, i have started to tell you my hospital life. 
At a certain point i said “When i was born, i was about to die” and as soon i have said that, you have crossing more the fingers in mine, and i have tighted, even me, my hand in your, and we looked at us, remaining suspended. I was about to continue, but you have placed your finger on my mouth, and, slowly, you have made me slide on the matress, and delicately, you have started to kiss all my scars, till that one on my left hip, then you have kissed my belly, my breasts, till i taken your face in my hands, and after a long moment eyes inside eyes, you approached to me, delicately touching my lips with continue little kisses.
“I will make forget you everything you had faced to” you said me, looking at me profondly.
Without realizing, you was taking me in the most beautiful place of our life. Our love.”


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