Slowly your

Hands are sliding on my little body and are stopped on my hips.
Our connection is starting to get connect us, one with another.
Our little eletric shocks, slowly going trought our minds and we can feel us, despite we are far.
I close the eyes and i hearing your breathe, wrapping me. Slowly i’m biting my lips, and delicately you spin me. Your hands so gentle on my skin, and the rustle of your white shirt that is touching my body.
Your perfume and your gaze are enveloping me from inside. I only can, close the eyes and let make me cuddling from these sensations. 
I can feel your sweetest words mixed with your delicate touches.
Our eletric shocks are gentle, and they make us beating our hearts slowly at unison.
I throwing away the air from the lungs, while i feel your arms embracing my belly and our minds get connect always faster. 
My lips are delicately shaking. You are approaching to me and with all softness, you are starting to kiss them.
I place my hand on your chest, and slowly i make it slide inside that shirt.
Our movements are slow, and they are collecting our little emotions. Here they are come, other little eletric shocks going trought our minds, and i feel you are tightening me more.
You are saying me one of the sweetest phrase i can hear. 
Slowly we are envelop in a slow spiral and we are dancing, and every our emotions arounding us.
Delicately you lean your lips on mine, and your hands tight more my hips, and i sigh, closing eyes, feeling your bare skin under my hands.
This is Our Parallel World.


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