“We entered” – ~4~

In you apartement, eyes in eyes. Breathes inside breathes. Around us there were only our emotions, and everything else were only walls and some few forniture.
In that instants, it was just a place where we could hid ourselves and loving us. 
Without take off your eyes from me, you have whisper me “Come with me”, and you have guided me toward a stair. There in front one another, you have taken me, as a knight does with her princess, and you have brought me upstairs, and delicately, you have leaned me on the bed. 
Our breathe, were, already, merging one in another, creating a magical aura around us.
It was the perfect place. The perfect eyes to stare at. The perfect perfume in the air. It was everything perfect, but that one, it made the excellent, the perfection, were been your soft hands that has start to touch my body, while i have close the eyes just for that second to realize everything.
It was the very first time that we making love, so fleshy. You and me, and not the dancing souls in that village, or in our dreams. 
This time we were only us. One in front another, and now we were looking at us so sweetly that for a long moment, we seemed hadn’t air in the lungs, and just after you have caressed my face, everything has started to spin again. 
Your touch has been delicate and then you approached to me, and your lips has touched mine, once again, but sweeter. 
Now, we could be really, us, and you wanted make me feel a real princess, touching me with all the delicateness i have always deserving, and your hands, your whispers, your eyes, and above all your lips, were all that i really need, while i was touching your chest and your face, while i diving myself in your beautiful eyes.
Softly like a feather, you holding my hips, while you was rising me, to take me off the pants. I left do it, while you have discovering all my scars on my legs. You have stared them for a second, then you approached yourself to me and in sigh: “You are still much more beautiful” and you have kissed me still with more passion.
My heart was about to explode, when i have  feel your delicate penetration and little by little i have started to moan. 
Your lips were still lean on mine and our breathes were merging one with another.
Our moans were a delicate sound that sweetly was enveloping us, and that act of love was, just that one, that we had wait for from long time.
An  act of love without others emotive implications: where you could see my real skin, my real wounds, and my real scars, without having fear of, on the contrary, loving me still more than you was making, already.”


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