“That kiss” – ~3~

Has left me without breath. You have realized that when we broke away, and you have continiung to looking at me, as if you was looking at one of the most beautiful thing you had in front. Also under the orange light (one of the most horrible) of that street lamp, we didn’t wanted take off our eyes, one from another, and that alley it seemed like that one in the village: the entrance of our magic place.
Seemed that in the alley we were only us, but the buzzing of the people who acrossing the street, was the confirmation that we weren’t: thing that, absolutely, we wanted be.
Around us, the buzz,  but now we wanted only hear to our hearts beats at unison.
We had to be tired, for everything: for the travel, for every emotions, we had felt. We should have had to fallen exhausted on the ground. Instead they were the emotions themselves, that keeping us up, and we could feel them running fast in our veins.
Just one gaze, it given us, all the strenght that we had need, also the most tiny emotion was shaking our souls and it made us goes forward.
Leaning on that wall, you still looked at me without say nothing, and just at the end, you have looking at my hand taken it, you made me break me away from the wall, and slowly, you have started to walk, and i’ve followed you. 
I didn’t know where you had taken me, but surely, it was far from that street lamp and from that buzz. 
You knew, i was asking myself that one question. 
You knew the street. You had no need to look where you put your feets. 
Your eyes were only for me, and more we moved away from that street lamp, more the buzz of the people was fading, and the street lights were becoming a thing from another world, and the only thing that it was illuminating our walk, was the moon. 
It seemed to be returned back in time, when suddenly, everything was slow, and everything could itself stop.
It was you quartier. A place forgotten by god, if ever, it did had exist one.
There, out from indiscrete eyes, you have stopped me, holding me back from the hips, you have whisper me:”Come up to me…” 
Our hearts has began to beat always faster, and the only witnesses, were a drunk man leaned on the wall of a building, and the moon that was illuminating your eyes, and your latest words were still floating in the air, as an enchantement.
I didn’t say any words, and i didn’t have denied that invite.
The moonlight was spreading a magical soft light around us. 
Delicately, you have taken again my hand, and slowly, without take off your gaze from me, we had acrossed a cement garden and a shabby entrance.
Our emotions were bigger than the ambient that sorrounding us. 
The hand that holding mine, was so delicate, and just feel your soft skin on mine, it was taking me toward a magnificient place, and there i wanted stay.”


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