Those eyes

And your smile, and i start to feel your closiness that is approaching to me, slowly penetrating me, and if i close the eyes, i can feel your arms wrapping me my belly and that warmth is rising inside me. I know it’s you, and your hold make me shake my fingers on this keyboard. 
Delicately, you are starting to whisper me your lovely words, and my heart is began to beat like a crazy. 
Also if i can’t see your arms around me, i can feel the sweet touch. My fingers are really shaking. I can feel your fingers lift my shirt, and your hands, now are touching my bare skin.
Delicately, you spin me and you are tightening me against your chest. 
Your perfume is enveloping me. I’m biting my lips, leaning my hands on that soft white shirt.
Your eyes inside mine. Your soft hand is touching my face, and you’re smiling me, while the other is sliding toward my hip. 
We remain so, while Our Parallel is arounding us, and softtly i slide my hand inside your shirt, touching your bare chest.
Delicately you are approaching yourself to me, and with all softness you lean your lips on mine.


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