“Finally” -~2~

Philip was looking at, what which he awaiting for long time, until you have taken the courage to approach yourself at the jukebox: you and me at the same table,  with our fingers crossed one in another. But he asked himself:”How do they were arrived at this point?”
We were still dazed, and with our tighted hands, we could feel still the excitement of what we have as soon passed.
That moment it seemed had no end, and everything it was returning to the normality.
From that travel of return, we were arrived directly inside the bar, and we hadn’t taken, not even, a look outside.
By now, for what we had passed together, earlier and after of that travel,  we could say, we knew eachother, so intimately, that we could decipher each little shades and glimmer in our gaze.
And now, we wanted see the world that we had left. To feel the emotions of the old world, merging with the new one, in which, we returned.
For a long instant, you have looked at me, and what which it unleashed itself around us, it has been an great emotion that has born from inside of us, and our hearts has begun to beat like a hammer. I knew, what you was about to do, and i let you made it, as if i was unaware of it. You got up yourself and you have stretched your hand toward me, and me, as if was stunned, i taken it. 
That touch was so soft, and your gaze didn’t wanted take off from me. 
Now, we were us, that were conducting the dancing souls, inside of our world. And our world was so different and our emotions, were blatantly those.
You have tighted my hips, while i got up, and i threw away the air from the lungs, when my body has lean itself on your, and in that instant, i felt your hands tightening me more, and our minds has reminded that moment in the village, in the piazza.
Everything was excitedly confused. If we didn’t were come out, for take breathe of air, for sure, we would be become crazy. 
It seemed, in that bar, was going still slow, or were we that, were going faster than usual? 
That, we wouldn’t have ever know it, but we knew, we must have to run away from that bar.
Taking my hand in your, you have left some money on that table, and Philip went to take it, having on the tip of the tongue a:”…but?”. I looked at him and i smiled him, while we were leaving the bar, between gazes of the other clients very little interested at our passage.
We stopped ourselves for a little instants, when we were come out, and we have lifted the faces for admìre the sun that was leaving the place to the moon. 
For a moment we remained in the dark, and in that instants you have taken me, in that little alley that skirted the bar, and your lips leaned themselves on mine. 
In those seconds, we were lost ourselves between past and present , and we didn’t know, not even, who we were. Just when we have whispered our names, we have taken again awareness of everything, and right after, the street lamp has turning on, and its orange light, has illuminated us, while we were staring us already, straight in our eyes.
We kissed us again passionately, without shame, also if there were people who were acrossing that alley.
We loving us, and nobody didn’t know what we had face up to, and now we wanted declare it to the whole world.”


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