You and your

Swlewis12_pluniformeeet embrace, around my belly and my question:”Do you feel it?”
From behind, you are tightening me strong and in your whisper, that it making go crazy, and you know it, you say me:”Yes, i feel it”, then you spin me toward you, and you smile, and you are tightening me your arms around my belly, always more.
Closing the eyes, i tight your arms around me.
Our breaths are merging one in another, taking us in Our Parallel World.
You look at me, and i blush. You can feel my heart beats like a crazy, and slowly, even your starts to beats strong.
From yesterday, our eletric shocks are in slow communication, and when they increase, our connection, make us feel always closer.
My tangle inside the stomach, is strangling me, in someways in these days, our connection is always in the air, and this, we can perceive it, despite our distance.
I throw away the air from the lungs, to inhale new oxygen, but this isn’t enough, when i feel your closiness. It’s so magic and the world we have created, it’s the only place i want stay with you.
Embrace me tight and whisper me words, that only you can say me.


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