“We were looking”-~1~

At us, in that bar. Our bar. Our emotions were envoloping us, and we were thinking about what has happened, we could feel one of the biggest sensations, chocking us from inside, and a sense of  embarassement were wrapping us. 
We were there, on the counter of our bar, while everything was starting to move again. 
It seemed, and it has been so, that for the whole time, we lived in the past, everything in the modern days, stopped itself, and slowly and everything, was reborn with us, now that we were returned. 
Our emotions were merging one with another, and it seemed, that we had to know eachother again, but that one step we had as soon done, but in the air there was that embarassement, that it didn’t want leave us.
We tighted our hands, but just few times, we had shared glances. We looking at our profiles, and we were smiling at the other.
That heavy weight in the stomach, more the time passing away, becoming more heavy, but we could feel our eletric shocks trought our minds and they made us feel in safe, because it was our very first signal of our magical and strange connection.
“Maybe they are the dancing souls.” i whispered you, looking for to catch your beautiful gaze, and slowly i tighted more your hand, and you have taken the other. 
Now, our hands were well tight, one in another, and finally, our eyes were meeting, and after a big sigh, in a whisper, you have said me :”You are the most beautiful girl i ever met” and you have, softly caressed me the face, and delicately your were fingers has crossing mine. Our hearts, and by now, even those, of the dancing souls, were about to explode. I was staring at you, and in my profound, i wanted leave that bar, and i had know, you wanted it even you.
Aware of what i was making, i taken your hand, and i got down from the stool, and i conducted you at the bottom, of the bar, where there was my table with its little hole, and we sat down.
We had to know pass a transitory moment, in which we couldn’t make the step longer than the leg, but our desire was clearly visible in glances.
There, at the bottom of the local, i knew, nobody couldn’t disturb us, not even Philip or Barb.
Our glances were one the most intenses, and there was no need to speak. We had need only to tight us our hands, and occassionally we had sigh. 
Also Philip, was used to see those mine silence, full of meaning, and in those instants, just one was reigning, around us: the great meaning of our love that has goes trought centuries till arrive there, where we were us, one in front another in silence, looking for to understand what the other was thinking about, but unconsciously, both of us, we knew it very well.
Everything what we had passed, earlier, during and after that journey, and everything, was concentrated in only in one our desire: let ourselves go in a passionate kiss.
But only a ” I love you” flew in the air.”


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“Finally” -~2~⇒

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