“You have” – {39}

Looked at me, and, you have asked me:”Are you ready?” I sighed and we have stared the path in front of us. 
It was as, you has left it. A path that seemed it didn’t take to nowhere. 
Delicately you have taken my hand, and you didn’t taken your glances off from me. 
You knew, what was passing on my mind, and slowly had we acrossing it, we could feel, a force that it attracting us toward the centre of it.
Little by little, that we approaching us, our hearts starting to beat always more strong, and the sky was becoming grey and some thunders were merging with lightening.
Soft raindrops were falling, while we were reaching the centre of the path.
What you had noticed, it was that nobody was passed there. 
More we got closer to the centre, you have seen your footprint on the mud, that slowly got wet again. 
Almost in a sigh, you have said me:”It’s here i fallen” tightening me strong the hand.
For a moment we had stared it, and stunned, we didn’t realized that, little by little, from the ground, from the wet mud, it was risen up a soft light, as a soft spiral around us, and, not even, realizing, we were lifting, delicately, from the ground, and we starting to take the flight. 
We were leaving that place, in a delicate way; much different to the first time.
Still confused for what it was happening around us, the only place, we feeling us in safe, were our eyes, and slowly, we dived ourselves, one in the eyes of the other.
We were flying far from that place, and slowly, a sense of lightness was mixed with a heavy weight, and our emotions were still in a confusional state.
Without realized, we entered in that spiral, and everything has become white with pink and turquoise shades, and we could feel that push that made us go ahead. 
As the, journey of arrive, in that travel of return, our bodies touching themselves, and we didn’t have break away our hands, and as in a slow dance, you have made me spin embracing me from in front, then from behind, and our breathes, accompanied us, and our hearts, were our soft rythm. 
Were we flying toward an unknown place? Or, we would be returned in our little quartier, in our unusual bar, and we have would continued to live our lives, made by little touches, or we be would go more ahead.
We were still dancing in that pastel spiral, touching us, whispering our names, looking at eachother, and occassionally, lean our lips on our mouths.
In reality, from that spiral, we don’t wanted come out. 
In that floating limbo, were collected, every our big emotions that till now, we had felt, and be there inside, it was the most beautiful place, in which we were been, and be among your arms was the only thing in which i wanted stay in that moment, wherever the spiral it would have conduct us.
Slowly, we have felt, that the push it making itself always stronger, and as in the travel of arrive, we were realizing that in short time, we would be arrived in whatever place, we would be landing.
You have tightening me hard, without take me off your glance, and i was doing the same.
By now, it was with you that i wanted stay. 
I couldn’t hold back my emotions, till the spiral hasn’t pushed us out,  while our glances were one inside another.
Something stronger than us has divided us, once again, and each of us has entering in a black hole. In those seconds, we didn’t have could see where we were. 
We had know, that we were landed in somewhere, but we couldn’t see where, but we could feel our hearts beating hard. 
We had, a sort of blindfold on our eyes, and in some way, we couldn’t realize that we were there. Everything around us was silently, 
Slowly, that blindfold took off themselves, and delicately we had taken a look around, and when we have met us one by side the other, on that counter of that bar, our hearts stopped, and from my face has fallen a tear, while you has whispered my name, approaching yourself to me, and you have kissed me, as if you hadn’t never kissed before.
After that we stared at us, for a long instant and i sighed “Luke….” – ” Daria…” tightening our hands one in another.
And everything has started to move again.
We returned in the Bar.”


⇐“In someway”-{38}

“We were looking”-~1~⇒

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