“In someway”-{38}

Something was changing inside us. We could feel everything in their particular.
Our minds were get connecting with the dancing souls, and slowly we were becoming their medium, for the future, but, even them were becoming our medium with our past, and with the maximum delicatness, we have could seen their merging with our souls, becoming just what which, we were destined to be: two souls who must have to live forever together.
We remained there, without make any moves, hand in hand, just at stare us, till the fire, slowly, has turned off itself. 
The atmosphere around us, was becoming particularly, light, and each our breathe was charge of something magical. Our hearts was beating, sometimes slow, sometimes, fast, and occassionally, it was stopping. 
I was afraid to move, and the only one who was giving me strenght to make little step ahead, that was you. 
You have whispered me:”Come to me…” without never break away the hand from mine.
Slowly, but right after, i done those little steps in a hurry, as if in those steps had depended, my whole life. I dived me in your chest, feeling a heavy weight on the stomach. 
You have tighted me hard against your chest, and without asking it to, you have replied me:”I feel it, too”. And at the same moment, we could feel, our hearts beat at unison.
Among our arms, we were feeling ourselves, in safe, and in safe, we were realizing that Therese and Katherine have had left us alone, between the light smoke of the fire, almost, turned off.
Raido, Gebo and Algiz, were entering in us, and now, they would be part of us, wherever we would go or whatever we have would do, they would have accompany us and protect our union.
For a moment, we looked at eachother, and now it was really the moment to leave the village, and maybe, even that century.
The light of the sun was high in the sky, and go across Main Street, it was not the case.
We could  across the valley and to pass the path you had done to enter in the village.
We had decided to do so, and delicately you have taken my hand and we have start to walk toward that path. 
Inside us, we could feel a new strenght, and you have told me how much it has been hard went down that hill, that now, we had to rise up it. 
Your hand was tightening strong mine, and occassionally, you asked me if i wanted rest me. But my reply has been always:” No!” In those moments, each breath we have made, it was like a push from inside, and we were remaining stunned, how much strenght the dancing souls were given us, and without realizing, in each glances we have shared, our love was amplified. 
Arrived to the top of the hill, under that tree, where you have rested yourself the first time, you have indicated me the exact point where you fallen. 
We didn’t know how return in the modern days, and perhaps, we didn’t would be ever return no more, but we had to try. 
Slowly, and always careful, we went down the opposite side of the hill.
When we went down, you was about to reach the exact point, in the middle of the path, but i stopped you. I didn’t wanted take again breathe, i had no need it, but i just wanted to think to what has happened to us, in all that period and what it would have involve in our future. 
I couldn’t held back my emotions, and my heart was about to explode.
You kneeled in front of me, and delicately you have taken the hands.
For a moment, everything around us, it was like suspended: the air, the clouds, the time, and even our breathes. Everything stopped itself. 
Only, our glances, were seeing forward.
Forward in the our present days.”

⇐“After made” – {37}

“You have” – {39}⇒

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