I don’t want be

Deluded, but what which i’ve seen today, i’ve dreamt it few days ago, and i remained breathless. 
But more i think to our connection, more i think that everything is possible.
And more i think to what i seen, more i see that picture, more i think that was been you, and i think our connection isnt’ fruit of my imagination.
My tangle stronger than ever.
I, also figure, how it went go… 
By now, from when it has started our magical connection, i don’t ever wrong. 
Maybe, i’m only a little crazy, and perhaps i’m for sure, but when i feel that sensations and they happens, i can just remain breathless, and this is another confirmation of what i feel when i say that our connection unite us in a special way, despite our real distance.
In these moments i just can only throw away the air from the lungs, and imagine that you have taken a look to what i writing.
I feel your closiness here next to me.
Your arms are, softly, tightening me. I sigh and i close the eyes. 



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