“After made” – {37}

Love all night, delicately, the first lights of the day, were entering trought the broken roof of the creak house, and we were still, half naked, one inside another.
Slowly, i have opened the eyes, and you was sleeping above me, tightening me among your arms. I didnt’ wanted moved me, but we had to follow the orders of the chief of village.
Your hair covered your face, and softly i moved them. 
You was exhausted, but with some gentle contractions among my legs, i gave you, i believe, one of the most sensual awake, you ever received, and you have gave me back the favor, making me feel again, your desire, slowly grow up inside me and you have opened the eyes. 
While, you was, slowly, starting again to push you inside me, among little moans, i have said you:”We must to go…the sun is going up in the sky”. We shared a sweet glance, but kindly you have continued to push you inside me, and you have kissed me. How couldn’t i resist? And to the end i left myself to seduce by your kisses and you desire that was growing inside me.
Reached that last orgasm in that house, we had collected the few things we had, and we left the plazza in which they has given me the sentence to leave the village.
As, thieves in the night, we were about to cross the bordeline of the village, when someone, in a whisper, has called us. We spinned and who had called us, was the old man, and always in a whisper, he said us:”The Runes waiting for you”. We had know, what he wanted say us: the magical ritual and all that involved. 
“I believe i ruined everything” i said him, looking at you for a moment. He approached to me, and he indicating me the whole village. It was still empty, and just after few hours, the first window would been open. He taken my hand, and in a sigh, he said me:”I don’t think so… come with me.” And, as if we hadn’t have another options, we have followed him. 
We had acrossed again all Main Street, to other oppositeside of the village, to the other borderline, where there was the Witch House.
Arrived to the fence, i stopped, and looked at you, throwing away the air from the lungs, and you have tighted the hand. We had left the old man knocking the door of the house, and less of a second laterTherese has opened it. The old man had accomplished to his duty, and he went away, sharing a last glance, toward us.
Therese looked at us on threshold of the door for a minute, with her stern look, but i could notice, that it was softening, and she was understanding that moment it would come, earlier or then. She has called Katherine, who was inside, ready to go.
We had waited for them next to the fence. When they arrived, we didn’t say nothing, we had just followed them. 
Katherine has smiled me, and i shyly smiled her back. 
Everybody, there, could figure that was the hardest moment for Therese. 
They has brought us in our secret place: the big valley behind the village. 
Our hearts has begun to beat so hard, and the only thing we would have want to do was to escape, but, by now, we couldn’t no more.
They has turn on a fire, and had place the Runes on the ground, while the fire was growing high in the sky.
Slowly Therese has taken me and she place me in front of the fire, then Katherine did the same with you. 
“Take your hands, you must think to the very first moment you have met yourselves”, we had know that they were talking to the dancing souls, and immediately we have left set free their memories of their first instants together, but at the same moments, we have rembember when you was entered in the bar and like, in a flashback, we have relived all the emotions, till that magical dream in which we have made love and then we finished in that black hole, till arrive, in that village of  many centuries earlier, and without realizing, we were merging with the dancing souls and their souls with ours, whille the fire was growing always more up to the sky, and the Runes were merging one in another, burning in the fire, and the soft smoke. like a cloud, was enveloping us, and we were inhaling, without knowing, that magic potion, that would have reunited the dancing souls, in ours.”


⇐“We had await” – {36}

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