You are here

And you are looking at me and i do the same.
It’s from when i awoke that i think what has happened last night, and in someways what i’ve dream, maybe i’ll see in the next hours.
You’re smiling and i see you get up, and come behind me to see what i’m writing in this open diary, and you look at the runes in front of my keyboard. Yes they are: i didnt’ moved them.
I can feel your arms enveloping my belly.
Slowly you turn me, and our eyes meet. Your hands are caressing my face, and our eletrick shocks starting among our minds.ย 
You are saying me something. My tangle in the stomach is getting bigger and bigger.
Your voice is piercing my soul and i can’t hold back me emotions. I just can throw away the air from the lungs and what i’m feeling is expanding itself, and despite our real distance, it collecting us together, as our magical bubble in Our Parallel World.
I feel your arms tightening me strong, and our eletrick shocks are increasing.
In that instants we are close, always more close.


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