“We had await” – {36}

For that all the citizien of the village had left the piazza to enter in the creack house, just few meters of the house of the chief, who slowly was entered back in house.
After the big noise in that little piazza, everything seemed floating, and also the bell, was announcing that The Witch, the next day, would have left the village.
We were still there firm, embraced one in another. When, even the bell stop itself, we looked at us, and  everything around us, seemed dissapear. 
Slowly, we stopped in front of the creacked house, delicately you leaned me against the wall of the house, and under the pale light of the moon, you have started to touch me. 
You have held back my hips, till my little body was attached to your, and i had to place my hands on your chest, and i have could feel something become harder that it was touching me between legs. For a long instant we looking at eachother without to breathe, while your hands were tighted, and slowly were lifting up my white cotton dress.
Despite what has happened in that little piazza, our desire was calling us ardently.
Against the wall, you have lifted my dress, and you have wanted penetrated me with the finger with such  as roughness, that my moans were been, almost a chocked scream, and at the end you have lifted me, and you have brought me inside the house.
You have lay me on the table, in middle, and you have continuing to penetrate me with fingers, while i was continuing to moan always more. You wanted to see enjoy me, till you didn’t have feel your fingers got wet and to understand when you would have could penetrate me for real.
In hurry you have almost you have snatched my shirt, while i was at your mercy. 
Without take me off your eyes, you putted yourself on that table, and always with a little roughness you was entered inside me and you have continued to make me moan. 
Now, i could make slide your shirt over your shoulders, but it was the only thing i have could do, because your vehemence was too hard, and your desire made me going crazy. 
I have tight your chest among my arms, while you was continuing to come and go inside me and our moans were merging in one another, creating an atmosphere, from which, we didn’t want come out. 
Your chest was against my breasts, and you continuining to made me enjoy, but now your lips wanted to kiss my mine, and your toungue wanted play with mine, and my moans were choked from your mouth and this has got excited you more, and while you was kissing me, your hips has increased their game, while i was feeling your desire got bigger and bigger inside me.
For a tiny instants we looked at us, while i held back your desire inside me and our bodies were united in a magical way, and you have taken my hands, crossing our fingers one in a another.
Another few strokes, and we would have reached the point of the maximum merging of two bodies, becoming only one. 
We have would want to wait still more a bit, but we were about to explode, and in those shorts instants, we looked at us, and slowly a big warmth and great energy has enveloped us and slowly we were empty ourselves of everything we had faced up to.
That act of love it lasted all night.”


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