“The silence” – {35}

Had fallen in the Piazza, while it forming itself a circle made of all the people, in front of the house of the chief of the village, and i was pushed in the middle, and every eyes were set on me. I looking at me around, looking for to breathe, while i was searching your gaze.
All those eyes, seemed wanted chocking me, and in some ways, they were capable to. 
All those gaze, were full of anger, contempt, delusion, and finally the inhabitants had a valid reason to drive me away from the village. They had a reason to drive away that crazy girl.
I was shaking and in all that chaos, the only person, who i was looking for was you. I whispered your name several times, but i didn’t having found you in that little crowded Piazza. 
My heart was about to crazy and it stopped, when finally, the chief spoken.
“What do you have to say in your defense? Daria”. 
There was a chilling moment of silence, and in that moment i have could hear your whisper and i spinned my glance toward you, and finally our eyes met, but i had to change direction, and in that moment i stared the chief of the village, who was waiting for my reply.
“I’ve tried to save the child…” i said in a whisper, but right after it unleashed the real hell. Who screamed:”She done a curse!”, who:”She has killed my child!”, who:”Let’s kick her away!”, and i was in the middle storm of screams, alone in front of the chief of the village. While, you was, there, impotent to defend me. You had done the turn of the Piazza, making so, we were in front, and i could see you,as if i was giving all the answers to you and not to the head of that village it, slowly, that was condemning me to leave it for to do not return no more.
“We knew that you were doing good to this village…” -” and, i was still doing it, but i wasn’t able to save him”. A voice came out of the choir:”His name was Mathias…. Mathias!” and he repeated his name, till i didn’t say it in a whisper:”Mathias…. Mathias forgive me”  i said that phrase several times, while i was crying.
The chief of the village made many questions to which i didn’t knew how to reply: “Why the fire? Why Mathias was bleeding, why Mathias was fainted?” and above all “Because i was doing a curse?” – “I wasn’t doing a curse! I swear it I just tried to help him and i tried to turn off the fire!”
While i was saying this i was looking at you, and at that point you was intervened. 
“She was with me, when she has seen the glimmer fire” and slowly you entered in the middle of the Piazza, coming to me and delicately, you have embraced me tight, as if you wanted protect me.
And another wave of screams has started to unleash:”She has witched him! He’s under her control! She use him for her sexual desires! He’s been witched!”
Among the screaming people, only two women were in silence and they looking at us, with their hearts in throat and some tears in their faces, they did know that the Runes Ritual was about to be accomplish and as two ghosts in the night, they has left the Piazza.
At the end, a decision, has been taken.
You embraced me tight, while the chief of the village was about to speak. Our hearts were beating hard and at unison.
“You will leave the village at the first lights of tomorrow. You can sleep in your house, but you must leave the village at the dawn. Is it clear?” I have nodded and i left the centre of the Piazza between your arms, among screams of the village. “


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