You are smiling

To me, arriving in my mind with our eletrick shocks, and you are embracing sweetly my belly, asking me:”How are you today?” When our connection starts, i always feel fine. 
Everything around become so soft and you are able to let me dive in Our Parallel World, also with a caress and i remain breathless, as much as  is sweet your touch on my skin, and i can feel your lips on my neck,and the only thing i can do is to close the eyes and throw away the air from the lungs, because i know, that kiss, is only for me.
Slowly, i can feel you are tightening me against your chest, and your breathe enter inside me as the only air i really need, and in some ways it’s so.
I’m thinking of you, and slowly i think about what have made me feel the other night, biting the lips i looking at you sighing. Almost i blushing, but it’s only the truth.
And all the Runes i have in front, says me just beautiful things and our eletrick shocks are in communication. 
I only can to sigh and my heart is about to crazy, cause i know that you know that the Runes say only the truth and that one i have in front are regarding us.



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