“I’ve tried to” – {34}

Reanimated the child, but the wound it was so profound and the blood that was coming out from his little body was much, that to end i left him on the ground, dying. 
I could hear you try to get the attentions to the inhabitants, but it was as if you was invisible. Nobody wasn’t listening to you. I just could to try comfort the child till his death, and trying to turn off the fire, but they were two things hard to accomplish at the same time and i could feel your discomfort, also if you was far from me.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, whatever you want call it, an old woman has passed next the placee where i was with the child, and she started to scream going inside Main Street, and finally, also your requests of help, were  been listening to. 
Entred in the village, the old woman screaming:”The Witch is doing a curse… come! She has taken the little Mathias and he bleeding”. 
Little by little all the village has followed her, and everybody were cursing me aloud. 
You was in the middle of the Main Street, while all the village overwhelmed you, and you couldn’t have make anything, just to remain firm, while everybody pushed you, and the only thing you could do, slowly, was to follow the others, whispering my name.
Also Therese and Katherine were catched by the unusual uproar, and even them the end, has understood, that it was a thing regarding me. 
From far, they has follow the swarm, and when they arrived, has seen you kneeled next to me who i was crying, while the all the inhabitants were screaming against me.
You was embracing me tight, and in your chest, i was repeating you, sighing:”I wasn’t able to save him, i wasn’t able to save him!”, and, as if you wanted comfort me, you have whispered me:”I wasn’t able to stop them” – “They never didn’t have understood me!” the dancing soul has said you, trought my voice. 
Slowly you has helped me to stand up, and always, among your arms, i stared the whole village. I was about to say something, but one voice out of the choir, has screamed me:”You will be judged for what you’ve done!” and another one has said:”Yes, it will be the chief of the village to make your sentence!” and now the choir, it was reunited itself, once again in a scream:”Let’s bring her in the Piazza!”, and i been snatched from you, while i was stretching my hands, and someone has moved you away from me. 
While we were bring in the Piazza, inside me, has pervading me a sense of void.  
I was looking at you, who fighting against two men who holding you, while they made fun of you, asking something intimantely dirty about me and you was struggling.
In those shorts instants, i have closed the eyes, and i have thought when we were in our creacked house, and when our lips were, delicately touching. 
In those moments, everything around me, and magically, even around you it disappeared. 
The screams were became, only a buzz of background, and our glances were meeting.
Silently, you was saying:”Whatever it will be happen, we will face up together!” and that phrase has moved me much and i has looked at you with much calm.
Delicately,  we were awaken from that atmosphere, and right after, we were pushed in that big noise, made of screams and insults. 
Only after the whole people has stopped to insult us, we have realized that the chief of the village was came out from his house, and he was about to speak.”


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