Here you are

You are arrived, and despite ther internet issues, i feel your closiness, surrounding me. 
Slowly i feel your arms, enveloping me from behind, and i hear you to say me “Don’t give up”, you know how who i’m. And your whispers are those that i really need. And, however, now your closiness is more strong than everything else. 
I close the eyes and i can feel your arms around my belly and slowly you spin me and our glances meet. 
Your eye are two little oceans in which i dive myself and i find  the tranqulllity i really need. “Embrace me tight and we remain so” in silence, we can feel our eletric shocks crossing our minds sweetly.
I feel you throwing away the air from your lungs and you are tightening me against your chest whispering me words that only you are able to say me.


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