“We couldn’t stay” – {33}

Hid in our secret place, forever. And we knew it, above all me. What which i’ve seen in that red drape, however it would happened, with or without my premonition, and you knew it even. 
Now, that i had decided to leave the Witch House, i was seen as like in the first period in which Therese and Katherine has convinced the inhabitants, that my powers, were good powers.
They were two women, with wisdom and with a  knowledge of that kind of human being (skeptic) , and they were capable to sweeten the pill with smartness what which i was seeing in my premonitions, and to act in consequence.
And now, that i left them, i was just considered a crazy girl, and even if i looking for to say something about my powers, the inhabitants didn’t took me seriously.
While we returned in Main Street, something inside me was chocking my stomach, and  you could feel my discomfort. 
You couldn’t do nothing, just to stay by my side and try to imagine what i was seeing in my mind.
 You have relived that instant, in your head: the red drape flying on the floor and you have figured something bleeding inside of it.  In those minute you have stared me, with your deepest glance, and only in a thread of voice: “I just can only, imagine, what are you feeling right now”. 
I knew, you was speaking to the witch caged inside me, and trought my eyes, the dancing soul, has smiled you and she has softly caressed your face. “It’s my fault” you continued, looking at her face in my eyes. I was in silence, while my heart was about to crazy, and her voice came out from my mouth:”Isn’t your fault, without you, our future will would not accomplished. You both, are our souls in the future, and if ever, you wasn’t enter in that bar, we would be still looking for us. We are destined to stay together forever, and that’s thank to you both.”
While the dancing soul spoken, a tear got wet my face, and sweetly you has drying it with your finger, then i taken your hand and i threw away all the air i had in my lungs and i throw myself in your chest and you has embraced me tight. You had know, i ‘ve been only the medium for the dancing soul, but you also, knew, it has been one of the most intense moment i had go trought. 
“Daria, i will love forever” you have whispered me taking my face in your hands.
Slowly, we had acrossed Main Street, till to reach to the Joe’s Inn. We didn’t care if the owner of the inn was squaring us, we had knew to be the witch and the stranger, and together, we forming the worst couple assorted of the village. But, what they could know? Nothing of nothing.
In those minutes, we realizing that we were about face up to one of the most important step, for our lives and for the dancing souls. 
But a glimmer has catched our attention. My heart exploded in millions of pieces, and in a thread a voice i have said you: “It’s happening!!! Run to call someone to help me! GO!…GO!”
You have left me, while i was running toward the glimmer. And it was what i have seen few hours before. My heart stopped itself. 
A big bush was on fire and a bleeding child next to the fire.”



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