“You had perceived” – {32}

My titubance, but with your sweet smile and your embrace, you have had taken me off all  doubts from head and everything returned as before.
“You will know how face up to her”, and i sighed envelopped by those your words of encouragement.
We were still on the bed, embraced one in another, while slowly, the evening was arriving. 
And those Runes  were marking our destiny together, standing still there, on the ground, and it seemed we didn’t wanted move, hoping those Runes moving, but we knew, that magic was impossible, and i for sure, i didn’t want break me away from you. 
In that instants, i wanted feel you closer to me than ever. My heart and my soul needed of that.
Something was chocking me inside, and staring the Runes on the floor, a tiny tear rolled on my face. In a whisper i said you:”Don’t ever leave me” and i threw away the air from the lungs, held back your arms around my belly.
You have tighted me hard, and that sensation that was chocking me, slowly was chocking, even you. 
That house, was filling itself, of our biggest emotions, and despite, the broken roof, it wasn’t able to set it free of them. 
We had to come out and to breath new air. 
The red soft drape, still moving itself, caressing the ground and it was touching, even, the Runes. 
We remained a bit to stare that bizzarre game, then i taken the drape and i folded it on a chair, next to the angles that united two of the walls of the house, and almost in hurry i said “Let’s go!”.  In that red drape i had seen something bleeding and i had to run away as soon as possible. 
You didn’t have understood, what has happened, in that instant, and i, didn’t say nothing. I just wanted cross the piazza and hid myself between the inhabitant who were walking in Main Street. When we arrived in, i threw away the air from the lungs, and to feel your hand still tightening me, was a gratification. 
During the crossing of the piazza to enter in Main Street, you had seen millions moods, crossing my face. I smiled you, when your glance met mine. You stopped me and without asking, you had the reply:”Something terrible is about to happen…” and i threw myself in your chest, and without hesitation you have embrace me tight, while the inhabitants were moving away from us, leaving  around us, the void.
We remained so for a long instant.  Slowly, my heart got calming itself and your arms were the only place in which i wanted to stay, and you wanted tranquillize me in all possible way, and we didn’t care, if the inhabitants were staring us. Now, we were only us. 
In a whisper you said me:”Let’s go, there!”  and you pulled out my tear became crystal, and i done the same, pulling your out, from my little leather bag. 
For a moment we had stared them, and slowly, hand in hand, we had crossed Main Street, and we entered in that little alley, and magically we entered inside that valley and everything around us has become crystalline, and it lifted itself an invisible wall.
There you have looked at me, and delicately you approached to me, and you taken my hand for kiss it. I seen this your little gesture, then:”Whatever it will happens, stay with me”. 
We knew, it was the voice of the witch who spoken.
We have sighed and slowly we given us a sweet kiss. Our hearts were beating hard, and we could feel something that enveloping us.
We have sighed our names.”


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“We couldn’t stay” – {33}⇒

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