I feel your arms envelop me, and our electric shocks crossing trought our minds, and our closiness getting bigger and bigger and my tangle in the stomach making itself more tight and i feel your arms tightening my belly in a sweet way, and i can feel your whispers surrounding me. I feel you can feel my thrill and slow my fingers are starting to shake on in this keyboard. 
Your arms around my belly are chocking me inside, but it’s a wonderful sensation. You make me feel it each time you approach to me, whispering me what you think about me. 
Take me to Our Parallel World. Take me my hands and we remain one in front of another, also without speak. Our souls will do for us without any effort. We can see all our emotions, trought our eyes, and if we feel the need, we can given us soft touches, and our hearts can explode at the same time, when our eyes meet.
Now my heart is going crazy and in some ways, i know, even yours is about go crazy.
Our connection is growing fast and in some ways we are communicating, throwing away the air from lungs.We have need to throw away the air.
We are far, but our closiness can exceed all borderlines of this world.
Our breathes are merging one in another and we are merging with them, one in another.
Delicately we are making the most sweet love we ever have done.
I feel your arms, your eyes, your whispers. Your closiness is here.


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