Your embrace

Around me, and i bite my lips, then you spin me and our eyes meet. 
Slowly you whisper me:”Stay with me”. I hold back the breathe and i close the eyes, and your perfume surround me, and i can feel your arms around my hips and your body,  is always more close to mine.
Our connection has starting. Your soft punch, in my stomach and our electric shocks crossing trought our minds. 
Silently, yesterday… and now our connection. 
You are tightening me from behind, i can feel your breathe is enveloping me. My fingers slowly are begin to shake. 
I can feel your chest against my back and my tangle is becoming stronger. 
Your hands around my belly, are the most sensual that i can feel. 
I throw away the air from the lungs, because i know, you feel the same, and despite we are so far, in someways we are so close.
Your arms are tightening me strong. I close the eyes and i lay my head on your shoulder and we start to fly toward Our Parallel World. 
Our hearts are beating at unison, and we start our little dance, while your lips are begin to give me your sweet kisses. We looking at eachother. We sigh.




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