“When those Runes” -{31}

Has falling on the ground the dust mixed with the rays of the sun has enveloped them, they has started to dance in a spiral, then they were fallen again on the ground. 
We realized of that little dance when we broke away from our kiss. We had a jolt, when we had seen  the last Rune fallen next to the bed, and that one was Gebo: our union. 
We looked at eachother, and once again you have whispered me:”Yes, we are ready”, while you staring the rune fallen next to the bed. My heart was going crazy,  and i was looking for you chest for dive myself inside. 
Slowly, we were merging in our thoughts, and i was thinking how to face up to Katherine, but above all Therese, for to set me free, and let me go for my street with you. 
We remained in the house in silence, embraced one in another, and each of our breath, was a little signal that we were together.
The Runes were still there, on the ground, when we had realized the we had passed all day to do nothing. 
It seemed we hadn’t nothing, instead i was planning how to introduce you to Katherine and Therese, and when you held back my hand, you given me an incredible strenght.
And i knew, that would been the words of the Witch, that would been come out from my mouth and she would done the rest, but she needed of my courage to present herself in front of those two women. 
You knew what was spinning in my head, but you have said nothing. Occassionally we looking at eachother and you has smiled me and your “Daria, i love you much” given me the push that i really needed.
In my profound, i knew Therese would be the harder to convince to let me go.
She was her, to have adopted me, when my real parents, had decided to abandoning me in that village, when they had realized that i had some “strange powers” from which they were much scared of. Nobody of the village had have the courage to grow up a child with such as powers, who sometime she was falling in a sort of trance in which she could see things that in a next future, they could become real. No! They were scared. Only the two healers of the village hadn’t scare of that little child, and they were Therese and Katherine, and till those Runes weren’t come out, they were sure to don’t undertake that path where they should let me go.
But now, the circle must had close itself and in someways, we had to return in our modern days and we had to make rejoin the two dancing souls, i threw away the air from the lungs, i looked at you and in a long sigh i have said you:” Tomorrow evening………. tomorrow evening”.
Without ask explanation you have only nodded me and you have enveloped me in your arms, and sweetly you has started to caress my arms that were tightening your hips, and your heart resounding inside me. And an :”I love you me too” flew in the air.”


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