“The words” -{30}

Resounded in your head for long time, while you was crossing the little piazza. You stopped yourself in the middle. You fallen in a spiral and everything around you has started to spin, and those words were entering you like a blade into bleeding flesh. 
In front of the door of the creacked house, you have threw away the air from the lungs, and you have shaked yourself from that strange sensation.
The sun was high in the sky and was iluminating the circular place, and the ground was reflecting the white of the rays, while you entering in the house.
I was still sleeping. You have stared me for a bit. 
The bedroom, was set up in the only dark angle of the big room. Softly the sun light was touching the edge of the bed, and it seemed that it had know that it hadn’t to touch me.
You remained there, firm, with all the stuff in hands. You seemed enchanted by what you was looking at. In the sleep, i sighed your name, and you ran toward me, and you have caressed my face, even you have whisper my name. 
When i heard your deep calm voice, delicately i have opened the eyes and i smiled you, and finally the soft light of the sun has surrounded us in a halo, and everything seemed more beautiful than you had left it. 
Rubbing the eyes, i have seen all that tools placed on the table and i smiled you, and i stretched my arms toward you. I had know what you have want would to do, but i didn’t say nothing. 
You came next to me on the bed, laying your back on the wall and you have opened the little greasy paper bag, and you given me one of three sandwiches, and you have said me, looking at me sweetly:”I know, isn’t much but it’s our first lunch” and we have shared a sweet gaze, looking at, right after, a game of lights that were merging with the tiny particles of dust, and in that moment for us, everything, seemed really magic.
Eating the sandwiches, you have told me what was happened in the village, and to the end, i said in a thread of voice, almost shaking:”It seems that the Runes calling us.” And slowly i got up and i taken the little leather bag, and i have pulled out those three Runes, and i’ve putted them in your hand, while i tightening your fist in mine. 
In reality, i didn’t know what i was doing, but it was a thing that i feeling to do. But i knew what  to say: “These three Runes, have accompanied us in our first steps in this century, they will accompany us, in our modern day, and they will accompany us in next future…”
You remained only to stare me, shyly smiling me, keeping the runes, in your hand. You was enchanted by what you had just heard, and in the way i have pronnouced those words. 
“I believe, we are ready for that ritual” you said me in a thread of voice, making fall the three Runes on the ground, while you was approached to me, laying your lips on mine.”


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