Who am i? – 26th open letter to Luke

I have faced to many difficulties in my life. 
My life has been full of hospitals rooms, many operations, but i never gave up. 
I always believed in my dreams and in someways they always gave me the force to goes on.
In my life i fallen many times, but i have found the force to got up myself, and to find a new way to goes on and since when i met you, i have found a new force to face up the new difficulties, and you given me more strenght, than you couldn’t imagine.
Since i was a child, i always believed that my physical shortcomings, would have take me to nothing, but always i believed in something bigger. And now i want push me beyond.
With you, i feel there is something that, unconsciosly, is linking us in a magical way.
I always loved to write. I wrote a novel, never published many years ago, and just one ago i started to write my second novel, and from there i didn’t stop myself. Each night i write, following the words, and they have taken me where they always wanted to take me.
Yes, i didn’t say you, i’m disable, but maybe, if you have read some of my pieces, you have understood that: i always hope, occasionally, that you may come to visit this my open diary.
I writing these words to let you know a bit of me. 
We met eachother online in several occasions, and this made me feel one of the happiest girl of the world, and with this, i don’t want appear, like the “usual” fan, who scream, and snatch herself hair.  On the contrary, i’m one of the most calm girl in the world, having those physcal problems. 
When it happened, that one, that i call “the magic between us” (a dream i’ve done), you has started to make me feel more alive, and that’s what i really need. 
I know, everything what i’m writing you, it could appear like a crazyness, and maybe it is. 
But i wanted make you know me a little better who i was. 
I would want say much more about me: what can i say? 
Beside the hospitals rooms, many operations to the legs, much physio, i was born ipodalic and for my will strenght, that i’m here to write you. When i was born, i was about to die.
I’m an Aries with ascendent Gemini. And i never give up. When i decide to reach a target, hardly, i don’t reach it. 
I love write, even because i have difficulties to be understand with voice.
A half disaster with a soul, a heart a big desire… become a real friend of you.


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