“Delicately”- {29}

We have sighed together, thinking to the Katherine words, to the magic ritual of the Runes, to consecration of the two souls and of what which we would become, and to what which we were already. 
Our embrace became stronger and we were looking at the sky, while we were thinking about what we have must face up during that ritual, when we would have face up to it.
“Will be them, to say us what to do”, you have whispered me, while i was feeling your breath surrounding me, and your shirt was so soft, and for me it was like to wrapped by a soft cloud, and your arms were my anchors, if i was lost. 
We have shared a sweet glance, while outside the night was running fast, and rapidly the sun has taken its place, and slowly a new day was about to born.
We remained so, embraced one in the arms of the other, while a sun ray was dividing in half the house, while a fresh breeze entering and making dancing the red soft light curtain, on the floor. 
Slowly i closed the eyes, and i fallen asleep, while you got up, and without make noise, came out from the creacked house. By now, it was mine, but for now, it was only a roof, and not even that one, above our heads. You have decided to take some tools to adjust it and something to eat, as soon i would awoke.
As soon you came out, you have realized that now, you was that guy who was been witched by me, in according to the inhabitants of the village, and maybe, you would have met some difficulties. Crossing the alley, you hoped to meet John, the only person, who would have helped you in these little commissions. Instead you have met the old man with handmade cane. You have saluted him and you have continued for your street, looking for a sign of a shop where you could get some tools  to adjust the roof. 
You haven’t noticed the old man was following you from behind, when you have found the shop you was interested, you stopped yourself for a while in front of the entrance and you have looking at you around, you have noticed him from distance. He only nodded you, as if he had encouraged you to enter. You have threw away the air from the lungs and you entered. 
In that instants, you thought to have make the step longer than the leg, but inside the shop, it went everything good. Nothing strange gazes, nothing murmuring, nothing of nothing.
You came out and the old man was still there, as if he waited for you. You have looked at him and in a grateful sign, you have nodded him. 
And you went directly to the tavern, hoping you could get take away something to eat. 
Main Street and its buzzing was covering your thoughts about of what had just happened in that shop. You have taken a look at you around, looking for the old man, but he seemed disappeared among the inhabitants of the village. 
In the tavern, there were just the few people: just the big man with the greasy apron and the guy, who was running among the tables, who was putting, only shyny dented copper glasses. 
The big man behind the counter, wasn’t been gentle as in that shop, but he seemed had taken orders from someone else more important than him. “Do you want something?” he grunted, while he deboning a chiken. You seemed in awe, while you was about to ask three chicken sandwiches, when the old man entered in the tavern and he sat down at a table. And he said to the big man:”Let’s go, give him what he wishes, and let’s finish it here… look at him how he’s thin…!” The big man left the ax on the counter and he cleaned his hands on apron, and he got prepared those three sandwiches in haste and fury, and he launched them on the counter. 
“Thaaaank you, Mike” the old man has underlined, looking at the whole scene. You was about to leave some coins for Mike, but he didn’t has accepted them. “Free, this time!” he said you, taking again the ax, and start again to beat it on the poor chicken, staring you with disgust.
And with fear that he could launch the ax against you have taken the sandwiches and you left the tavern, looking at the old man who has followed you outside, while you was about to return in the piazza. 
The old man has stopped you and he has whispered :”The Runes awaiting for you…” 
You remained so stunned, that you haven’t noticed that old man went away”


⇐“Just Katherine” – {28}

“The words” -{30}⇒

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