Here it is, the soft punch in my stomach, and our connection slowly starts.
Delicately our minds get connect.
I don’t know if your have read my mail, and if you have taken the cosideration of what i have said you. But what i’m feeling in this instants is strong and something it saying me, you are think a bit of me.
I feeling our electric shocks going across our minds. I don’t want say it but i feel it will happen something tonight.
I feel your embrace envelope my belly, and i hold back the breathe, because i feel your arms are tightening me hard, and i can feel your breath sorrounding me, and it’s the most beautiful thing i can feel in this moment. 
Our electric shocks, your arms around me, and above all our magical connection. 
My fingers are starting to shake on this keyboard, and i know that all my reasons brings me to you.
I just can throw away the air from the lungs, and await for you, also if you are already here next to me, despite our real distance.


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