“Just Katherine” – {28}

Was approached to us, while Therese was still in the middle of the tavern some men was looking at her, speaking to her, but she didn’t care.
Now we had all the eyes of the tavern set on us and it was what we didn’t want, but Katherine seemed didn’t care of that, and has started to talk to us, especially to me.
Slowly, she taken a chair for her sat down at that rickety table.
We remained in silence for a bit. You have looking at me, and only with the glance, you has understood, that we had must to wait for she was the first to talk. 
You took my hands in yours and you weren’t afraid to show how much you cared for me.
“Since from, you have begin to make the Runes reading, me and Therese, we have waited for this moment, and finally it arrived.” 
When she has pronnounced that last words, she looking at you and you have looked at her. You seemed  to don’t understand her words, but now was the dancing soul who predominated you, and for him they were, almost an echo that was resounding from far. 
For that instants, we were, only their medium, trought our bodies of flesh and bones.
We could feel only, our emotions merging with the feelings of the dancing souls, and we were diving in one of the biggest emotional spiral that we had ever felt.
You was tightening my hands and i was staring in your eyes, while Katherine still speaking. 
Katherine, explained us, when the Runes Raido, Gebo and Algiz come out in a reading made by a witch like me, it was much important. “They can mark her life for ever” and in someways, we had know it already. You have tighted my hand stronger.
Naively, you was about to speak, but i stopped you just in time. I knew, what you would have want say her, but i knew her better than you, for the few time i lived with her and with Therese. 
They weren’t still ready to know who we were in reality, and perhaps, they didn’t must never to know.
Delicately, Katherine has taken our hands in hers, and in a sigh, she said us:”When you will be ready, in a ritual, we can consacrate the Runes in your lives.”, and like she came, she left. 
We looked at her going next to Therese and both left the tavern.
Slowly we returned to look at eachother, and in silence you have tighted my hands stronger. 
Now our minds, were filling by useless questions. We had know, already, what it was about. 
We of nowadays, were, that consacretion, and we had know, which magic powers had those three Rune put in row.
Slowly, you got up and you have stretched your hand toward me. I looked at you, and i taken it, and we have left the tavern.
We returned at the creaked house and in silence we sat down on the bed with our back leaned on the wall and we embraced us tight, while from the broken roof milions and millions of stars, were illuminating the sky.”


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