It was from – 25th open letter to Luke

Long time that i didn’t write you one of these, and from two or days that it was increasing my desire to write it. 
As always, i have many things to say, but i don’t know how to start. 
By now, from long time, i confess all my thoughts only to you, and in someways, i’m not crazy to think that what has happened among us, by now four years ago, it’s a kind magic.
In this kind of open diary to you, each day i write what you make me feel, with your soft punch in my stomach and each time happen the inexplicable.
Someone, one day said to me “Do it … even if he (you) won’t answer you, you will have taken away the satisfaction of asking him what you wanted to ask him”
I have many things to ask you, but in this period one is hammering my head, and more i think about it, more the tangle in my stomach is tightening me, and i don’t know if i wil have the courage to ask it to you… 
Without realizing, you have given me the courage to face up many latest difficulties i had in my life and always with your wonderful smile, you given me the inspiration to restart to write, to externate my feelings, my emotions and create a magical world from, i would never want come out, expecially in this period.
Little by little, i knowing part of you that make me feel stun, because they has been also part of my life, since i was born. I read some of your phrases and i remain daze. 
You living in the opposite side of the planet, but it’s like we were lived always by side.
Maybe i repeat myself (and i’m approach myself to the question), when i seen for the first time Broken Hill (and also here i repeat me) for a case,  i seen your sensibility and that it tighted my heart, being, even me, a disabled person. Then, you have played my Long John Silver, and you have personified in first person, all difficulties i had face up to, and i still facing, during this my solitary life, which i don’t say nothing what i’m feeling to nobody, but only to you.
I know, we are so far one from another, and maybe i’m a crazy one, and maybe you have already met persons like me, for sure, you have met them. 
But if we will meet us, and if it clicks something inside you… would you do that step by my side? 
Let me live in this little dream…. 


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