“I was looking at” -{27}

Me around, while the inhabitants, who walking next the Joe’s Inn, looked at me in a strange way. 
 I must have had used to it be looked at as the strange girl, yes i was, but in that period, in that century, it was a bit different. To be, a Witch, in that period it was so different. I looked for to hid myself at the light of the sun, and i knew, that it was impossible. 
In that instants, how much i would want been in the Phillip bar, at the bottom of the local, at my table, next to the jukebox, to stare that little hole in front of me. 
All the eyes were set on me, and i would want run away. Joe, inside the inn, was controlling me, if, i making some move that he didn’t like.
I whispered your name alot of times, hoping you could to hear me. You’ve done it, while you was collecting those few things you had, and when you went downstairs, you have whisper mine. 
You stopped yourself in front of the counter, under the stairs, where the big Joe has started to squared you, while you was launching glances, outside the building in search of me. 
It seemed, you was more worry about me, than how many coins, you was leaving on the counter. You wanted reaching me as soon as possibile. Joe was giving you the rest, but you didn’t have realized that and you have left it there. Then you have murmuring someting that sounded like a “Goodbye!” then you came out in hurry. 
You remained for a while there, looking for me. 
In a first glance, you didn’t have found me, your heart has started to beat strong. You have whisper my name and i whisper your. I was sat down on a little dry stone wall close the inn. 
While you spinning yourself toward me, i sighed, and immediately you came to me and you kneeled yourself in front me. You could feel my discomfort to remain uncovered, in that street, where everybody could see me could judge me, above all now that i was with you.
You have helped me to stand up, and slowly we have reached the tavern, where we could hid ourselves among others people, and where, you had know, i would felt myself less targeted by the glances of the inhabitants of the village
Slowly, but in someway fast, we have acrossed Main Street, we entered in the tavern, where its noises, were covering our beats of the hearts.
We wanted to be don’t noticed, but it was the exact contrary what we have done. 
All the eyes were set on our passage, but when we have acrossed the tavern to sit at the rickety table, all the murmurs were fade, and finally we remained alone in that noisy place.
Delicately you have taken my hands, and our glances were diving one in another.
And now, the only thing we wanted, both of us and the dancing souls, was to reach the point of conjunction of our four souls and become only two in one.
Now, we had to only await for the events arrive to us.
And we hadn’t to wait for so long. 
When i lifted my glance toward the entrance of the tavern, i seen Katherine and Therese entering. You was with the shoulders to the entrance, and you have only looked at my glance change, and you have asked me “Daria, what’s up?”  i remained speechless and you have spinned yourself, then you have seen those two women, who stared at me.”



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