You was waiting for

Me…. as soon i entered in this room i felt your closiness. I felt your embrace that has enveloped me and my stomach has started to chock me from inside, and your emotions has started to wrapping me, and your glance, your eyes staring on me and suddenly everything around disappeared. Just you and me with our emotions and slowly you take my hand and place it to your chest, and i do the same. Our hearts beats strong at unison.
You whisper me sweet words, while i can feel your hands are tightening my hips.
Around us, is Our Parallel World and everything is magic. 
Delicately our minds get connect.
I hold back the breath, and then i throw away the air from the lungs. I feel our connection like a soft punch in the stomach and this didn’t leave since that night, when it has began.
I dive in your eyes and i remain still breathless. My fingers are shaking on this keyboard.
Maybe i repeat myself, but it’s what i’m feeling from that night, and each time, it increasing, and it make me feel more close to you, despite our real distance. 
I throwing away the air from the lungs and i feel your hands tight me against you, and our electric shocks are magically so present.
I feel you here next to me, and in someways, i know you are feel the same. 
Our hearts beating at unison.


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