“You had decided” – {23}

To spend the night next the bordeline of the village,  close to me, even if we couldn’t stay among our arms. 
It was a ruined wall with a sort of torn drapery, the last strange building next the borderline of the village, where you had decided to rest that night. You didn’t care if it was cold. The only thing that warming your heart, it was that i was inside that house at few meters from you, and my last smile across the curtain, was the last thing you have seen, before asleep.
Slowly, we were reliving the dancing souls lives, and everything was so magical. 
We had know, each steps we were doing in that life, were steps that they had done, and we had to do to complete that magical circle.
We made us guided from them.
As a new rebirth, the sun slowly was going up to the sky, and delicately, i have open the eyes and a heat was pervarding me inside. I had know to collect very few things and the most important was a  diary that it was on the desk, in front of the window that overlooked at the big tree. I have stared it and something inside me, has started to chock me.  In someways, i knew, that each leafs contained a little  part of me, and it was my best friend, to whom i confessed, each  fears, each little joy and each  little delusion, and now it was time to leave it, caretaker of my secrets. I left him my last secret. I leaned out from the window and i whispered it:”I’ve found him… and i love him…” and i caressed one of biggest leafs, and in this way my secret would be safe, and i said  “Goodbye” to the big tree in front of my bedroom window.
In silence, i went down and without any noise, i opened the door and without closed it, i left the witch house. 
The sun was underlining each steps i was  making, going always more up to the sky.
When i arrived to the  bordeline fence of the village, i taken a look around, and something enveloped in itself, has catched my attention, and more i approaching myself to that, more i was realizing that was you. 
I kneeled and delicately i discovered your face from a piece of cloth, and i remained breathless. You had decided to sleep on the ground there, just to stay next to me, also in a figured sense. I taken a deep breath. I was seeing your chest go up and down, and slowly our hearts has started to beat at unison. I had no hurry, i would could wait for a whole life, now that i was close to you, but softly you have opened the eyes, while i was caressing your hair.
Without say nothing, but just sighing, we smiled. You wanted to caress my face, you approached your to my forehead, and slowly you have let me show you had still the crystal in your hand, and i have opened mine, and i did the same. 
In that instant, we looked at us deeply, and tenderly given us a passionate kiss, and we didn’t care if someone looked at us, or not. 
Our emotions were covering all that buzzing of the village around us. 
We were found us again, and the dancing souls were loving themselves, at the light of the sun.”


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