Our connection

Slowly is starting where everything has began, and i feel your embrace around my belly, and immediately you turn me. Our electric shocks are acrossing our minds faster, i must to take a deep breathe, and i feel your hands on my hips and you  tight me against your chest.
Our heads touching one another, and our eyes are diving into our souls.
What we are feeling, is chocking us from inside. We know, our connection is strong. 
Like a spiral, we can see our minds are merging one with another and they make us beats our hearts strong.
Tell me, you are feeling the same what i’m feeling in this instant. 
My tangle in the stomach is strongly bonded wih the mind, and everything is spinning around me and all this, is opening itself to your emotions sphere, and it is entering inside you. 
Everything of us is linked by this great sensation we are feeling, when our connection starts from our hearts that begins to beats hard.



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