“I placed” – {22}

Myself in front of the window that overlooked to the garden of the house and from far i could see you was remained there to see me behind the curtain. We could hear our hearts beats at unison, and everything around went so slow, as in that enchanted place. 
But, suddendly you have noticed the two women and you have hide yourself.
When Therese and Katherine entered in the house, i had to move me from the curtain that, it seemed to hid our secret love, to the whole village. 
You didn’t wanted leave from that place you had found. 
From far you could hear the voices inside of that house, and occassionally, you could hear mine and when you was hearing it, your heart beating stronger.
The two women asked me, how i had learnt that enchantement, and i looked at Therese, then Katherine. I didn’t how reply them, but from inside me, it come out the voice of the dancing soul and everything seemed easier than i could expected. 
The dancing soul, was born with these powers, and even she, sometimes, was surprised by herself. Me, in silence, i was listening the voice that came out from my mouth, keeping tight in the hand the tiny cristal of your tear. 
If i wasn’t run away in my room, i would be exploded. I wanted run as faster as i could, but i couldn’t escape. I had to reply to some questions that Therese, wanted asked me.
One of these, were regarding the runes i had seen in my reading, and  from when she has pulled out the Runes in her speech, Gebo has started to hammer my head and everything that went around it, and everything around me, slowly faded. Even the voice of Therese, became a buzzing in my ears and slowly i isolated myself, making me cradling me from the sensations of your arms, you lips, the sensation of you inside me, while Therese was talking to me, but it was, if i was in front of a ghost who trying to make himself hear. She was moving her lips, but i couldn’t hear any words that came out from her mouth. Also Katherine has spoken, she also, was a ghost.
Their words went loss in the air. 
For a second the words of Therese catched my attention, but just only for a tiny seccond. 
I knew the meaning of the reading i done, and for sure, i didn’t have need an explication from her, on what the Runes had said me: i have would meet a man (again, … or in that case, for the first time), we would be united in all senses, and together, we have would have undertaken a journey that it would be lasts in the centuries, and we wouldn’t meet any dangers, and we would have had the protection of the universe. And just in those seconds i taken a dry decision for my life. 
Slowly, i came out from that muffled atmospshere, and suddenly the words of Therese entering in my head, and i could see Katherine nodding, but i didnt’ hear anything of what she saying, and she didnt’ noticed that. I waited for she had concluded, then i said them:”This is the last night i will sleep in that dark and narrow room… Tomorrow i will looking for a house only for me…” I left the speech suspended. From the fireplace i taken the little leather bag and i left Therese and Katherine speechless. 
Slowly i moved the curtain color beige, behind me and i checked if you was still there, and my heart jumped in the throat, when i seen your shadow and for a second your eyes were illuminated by the pale light of the moon.
I had still the crystal, in my hand, and involuntary, i tighted it more.”


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