You whispering

Me: “Do you feel them?”, while you coming behind me and you are envelop my belly. 
I’m biting my lips and i sigh you “Yes…”. I feel our electric shocks running across our minds and i feel your arms are tightening me strong against your chest, and your fingers are caressing me sweetly my body. Slowly you turning me and our glances meet.
Our hearts beats at unison. We smiling us, and our tangles in the stomach are chocking us, together in a new atmospshere. Our emotions making feel us euphoric, happy. 
Something it is about to happen, we don’t know what is. 
You are tightening me strong and you are whispering me sweet words.
Tell me you feel the same that i’m feeling right now. I know it, because our electric are increasing while i’m writing and i feel your arms surrounding my belly and i can feel your breathe, here in this room, where it has begun everything. Where it has began our magic, and from that day it never stopped and what you make me feel it’s so magic.


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